God Changes caterpillars into butterflies

“Are Christians truly a holy people, or are we trying to become a holy people?…  As an oak sapling grows, it doesn’t get any ‘oakier.’ Oak is oak. It simply matures into what it is, a full-grown oak tree…It’s not a ‘from-to’ situation with us. We are a holy people. Now let’s get on with acting like who we are.”                ~Bill Gillham, Lifetime Guarantee

…some think we are in a great transition – not even saved until the end…                                      or even, that we are still sinners – waiting until we receive sainthood?
           The moment we are saved – we are changed = a new creation…                                                       we are complete in Christ – fully saved, fully forgiven, fully holy and righteous because we are in Christ Jesus!!!

We grow, learn and are transformed by the renewing of our minds through God’s Word – into the mature man or woman of God we are meant to be.

new creation

The new birth is like the caterpillar changed into the butterfly…

…fully formed and never the same! 

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!                 II Cor 5:17 NLT

Healing through Jesus

Healing through Jesus

     I am now 60 years old, and have had various health problems my whole life… hayfever, seasonal allergies (every season), sinus conditions, asthma, bouts with bronchitis and pneumonia; along with colds, flu, headaches, earaches, sore throat, laryngitis; skin sensitivities and allergies (often getting sun poisoning and poison ivy), scalp problems, scaly patches, rashes, hives, swollen bumps on eyes and lips (attributed to nerves), & dry eyes; swollen feet and ankles, painful arthritis in left hip, carpal tunnel in both wrists – sometimes affecting entire arm and into shoulder, rotator cuff problems, many back and neck problems, scoliosis – severely bent and twisted spine; various female problems – irregular menses and debilitating pain, infertility, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD),                                                                                                    …. in recent years – starting in about 2010 I started developing some strange illnesses – starting with painful and swollen lymph glands, malayse and achey flu like symptoms – confined to bed for a few weeks until I broke out in Shingles (which explained what were severe prodromal stage symptoms); . ..my health continued to deteriorate and tests revealed other glandular and auto-immune disorders – hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, fibromyalgia; as well as being diagnosed with Diabetes and high cholesterol…
        ….as a result I was on many of the following prescribed and over the counter medications: Metformin/Glucophage – for Diabetes; Levothyroid/Synthroid for thyroid; Simvistatin/Gemfibrozil – for high cholesterol; Allegra D/Claritin-D/Zyrtek/Sudafed/Chlorpromazin/Benadryl – sinus, allergy, & antihistamine meds; Guaifensin/Tussin/Mucinex – expectorants; Advent/Ventolin/Proventil – rescue inhalers; Azmacort/Symbicort/Serevent/Singulair/Advair/Dulera – preventative inhalers; Beconase/nasal sprays: Amoxicillin/Zithromax Zpacks – antibiotics for colds and sinus; Prednisolone/ various steroid pills, creams and shots (for lungs and skin) ; Restasis and other eye drops – for dry eyes; under chiropractic care (on and off) for 40 years; muscle relaxers – Valium/Soma – for back and neck; diuretics – for swelling; Phenobarbital – for nerves; Simvastatin for high cholesterol; Ambien – for sleep; pain relief meds – ranging from OVC: Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, etc. to: Motrin, Codeine, Vicodin, Hydrocodone prescriptions…

  In the fall of 2012 I became sick with new symptoms and pain which culminated in emergency surgery in December for what turned out to be several large cancerous ovarian tumors and a fallopian abscess that had broken and filled my abdomen with infection – all of which nearly killed me. By this point I had finally conceded to turn my self over to the Lord for His care, direction and supply concerning my life and health, and found myself in faith and at peace to place myself in the hands of the doctors and recommended treatment – this was a major transition and shift in my focus and attention brought about because my life depended on it. 

Saved since 1985, and a spirit-filled self-proclaimed mighty woman of faith – I realized that the area of health and wellness was NOT one that I trusted in God for, instead, I was devoutly involved in focusing on my health problems and worldly solutions… learning all I could about illness, treatments, medications, etc…
     Leaving the hospital after surgery – faced with 6 cycles Chemotherapy for stage 3C Ovarian and 1B Uterine cancers, I resolved to turn my life over to the Lord and focus on Him, and seek healing His way. I immersed myself in healing school teachings, healing scriptures, recorded healing confessions, and uplifting music 24/7. I printed out healing verses and declarations posting then around my house. I concentrated my faith on Jesus & His provision of life & health.

     Having received a contact postcard about a new church in 2010 – the House on the Rock church of Ann Arbor, from Andrew Wommack ( www.awmi.net ), I now learned through the Hotrock Church website ( http://www.hotrockchurchannarbor.org/ ) of a Bible Study meeting near me, so I started attending as soon as I was recovered from the surgery and able to get there. I was bald, weak, and going through painful chemo treatments, but I went determined to live and be in health through the provision of God for me. Soon after, I also started coming to the healing school services at HotRock.
    In the weeks after surgery and throughout the chemo, I hadn’t even thought about the piles of medications I had been on; I was focused on Living and not dying and declaring the works of the Lord… I believed to be completely well, and 1 year later when I returned to my regular doctor, she was amazed that all the tests revealed no need for ANY of the previous medications – all results were normal – so she reluctantly agreed that I no longer needed them. I no longer have any of the diseases, afflictions, conditions or ailments that had plagued me…                           I no longer take ANY medication – prescribed or over the counter!
6 months later (in March of this year) I faced a counter attack of cancer – this time getting direction from God on what to do… hearing His voice and being shown what doors to close …  …God told me to have the chemo port removed from my chest… and He told me to Stand Still and See the Deliverance of the Lord. but, How? – He showed me through HotRock’s Pastor – Mike Gonyer’s teaching, how I was allowing the devil control and manipulation of my health – – especially, the tests that caused me so much stress and horrible symptoms to grip me – – – – –  the Lord showed me I could close that door! and go ‘ALL In’… 

       Even in the face of reports that were attesting that metastasized cancer was growing and that surgery, chemo and radiation was needed, I refused the reports and listened to the voice of God to stand still… close the doors He showed me to close… and I arranged for and had the port removed – despite the plan for it to remain for 5 years; and I canceled all appts with my oncologist. I Shut that door! With God’s direction, I left my old church and now attend HotRock church fulltime – shut another door!   

          Visiting 2 different doctors recently – 2 separate appts – (1, who did a complete physical because of new medical insurance) – they both shook their heads in amazement and declared me a miracle despite the previous records and reports they had on file. Even with the label of CANCER still on my record – they can’t believe I look and seem so healthy! to which I quickly declare I AM healthy by the stripes of Jesus!
I am now learning to isolate and resist every toxic thought and imagination that the devil brings my way (regarding my health) – casting it down, and declaring the truth of God.
I now live in a state of wellness-consciousness instead of the sickness-consciousness I used to have. I am getting stronger and healthier every day through God and His supernatural supply and provision. I am focusing on Jesus, resting in His promises, receiving His supply, following His direction, trusting in Him and being led of the Spirit to live my life and be in health. I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!

oh… also, I recently had to have new glasses as my eyes have improved nearly 50%!